Service of golf clubs


The golf club service is one of many activities our shop specializes in. By means of the range of the services offered, the offer of grips, shafts and multiyear practice, we are the best provider in this particular area.

The service right in the DIGITALGOLF shop is equipped with a set of professional tools using which we are able to perform actions ranging from the basic routine ones to the more demanding ones. Our staff is expertly trained and continues to attend specialized trainings. Therefore, we are able to guarantee quality of the work done as well as advisory services in the area of golf club fitting.

The list of service works:

  • The adjustment of the club geometry – the change of LIE and LOFT
  • The adjustment of the club length – shortening, lengthening
  • The exchange of grips – the adjustment of the grip thickness (maintenance of the grip, pasting)
  • The application of the grip on the club
  • The grip maintenance
  • The adjustment of a released head
  • Groove grinding
  • The shaft exchange
  • The exchange of spikes

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