Big Max Aqua Style 3 Cart Bag -30%

Big Max Aqua Style 3 Cart Bag

Product ID: 9C491C-S
Brand: Big Max
Color: Silver
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AQUA Style 3
- The new AQUA Style 3 is 100% waterproof.

- It combines timeless, elegant style with modern functionality. The light weight of 2.2kg and the 14-way organizer top take the strain out of a round and offer a great overview of the golf clubs. A total of 10 waterproof, generously designed pockets protect your equipment from wind and weather. With a specially placed rain hood and battery pocket, dual umbrella holder and other innovative features the Aqua Style 3 is a perfect companion on the course.

14-way Organiser Top with separate putter compartment
- The 14-way organiser top allows you to organise your clubs by length and take advantage of an extra putter compartment. This prevents the clubs from hitting against each other and creating an unpleasant accompanying noise while golfing. Pulling the individual club out of the separate compartment is also much more convenient.

BIG MAX accessory compatibility
- The BIG MAX bag has many features to simplify the organization of your bag. These include hooks for your towels, a glove holder, an umbrella mount, and many more useful characteristics.

Waterproof valuables pocket
- The I-Dry system featured in the BIG MAX Aqua line guarantees 100% waterproof material, sealed seams and waterproof zippers. This industry leading level of waterproofing keeps even the wettest days at bay and makes sure that your golf gear stays safe and dry whatever the weather.

- Top Size: 9 inches
- Divider: 14-way Divider
- Full lenght dividers: Yes
- Umbrella holder: Yes
- Glove holder: Yes
- Towel holder: Yes
- Cooler Pocket: Yes
- Battery pocket: Yes
- Weight (in kg): 2.2 kg

Extended parameters
Number of pockets: 10
Weight ( kg ): 2,2 kg
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