Discount 15% Pure 2 Improve Tempo Trainer 48 Inch

Pure 2 Improve Tempo Trainer 48 Inch

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Pure 2 Improve Tempo Trainer 48 Inch
up and tempo training aid is designed to improve your swing while providing a core muscle workout.

The Tempo Trainer encourages a flatter swing plane and forces the downswing to be initiated by the lower body, both of which fight slices.

P2I Tempo Trainer 48 inch.
Flexible fiberglass shaft teaches lag and helps eliminate early release.
Head weight improves kinetic sequencing in the swing.
Strengthens core golf muscles.
Durable polyurethane head for frequent use.
Great low-impact stretch for pre-round warm-up.
Fits easily in golf bag.
Shaft length helps flatten the swing.
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