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Chervo Trex

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Turtleneck Man TREX

the high thermal insulation of pro-therm® brand garments is entirely owed to the nature of the material, the special construction of the fibres and the volume of the fabric. The new textile technologies used for these products ensure maximum thermal insulation together with minimal thickness and weight, for a light, slim garment offering maximum freedom of movement for any sport activity.

• high thermal insulation
• minimum weight and thickness
• lightweight fabric

• constant body temperature
• maximum freedom of movement
• noiseless

comfort® sportswear is designed and manufactured to ensure maximum wellbeing and freedom of movement in any situation. Elastic yarns and textiles are designed to fit perfectly to the body and yield to the strength and precision of athletic movement harmoniously and without constraint.

• special mechanical torsion yarns
• use of elastomeric fibres embedded and wrapped in the basic fibre
• highly resistant to wear and tear and washing

• a perfect fit
• extreme comfort
• noiseless
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