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Chervo Gentilini

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Brand: Chervo
Color: orange
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Chervo Gentilini
Thanks to an innovative titanium-base filter against UV-rays, the SUN-BLOCK® technology offers superior protection against UV-A and UV-B rays. The double-faced structure of the fabric creates a draining effects, promoting faster drying of perspiration and water.

- titanium based SUN-BLOCK® filter
- double-faced textile structure
- soft and velvety elastic components

- UV-ray protection
- draining effect (quick perspiration and water drying)

COMFORT® sportswear is designed and manufactured to ensure maximum wellbeing and freedom of movement in any situation. Yarns and elastic textiles are designed to fit perfectly to the body and yield to the strength and precision of athletic movement harmoniously and without constraint.

- special mechanical torsion yarns
- use of elastomeric fibers embedded and wrapped in the basic fiber
- highly resistant to wear and tear and washing

- perfect fitting
- extreme comfort
- noiseless
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