Cleveland HB SOFT Milled 4 Putter -20%

Cleveland HB SOFT Milled 4 Putter

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HB SOFT Milled 4 Putter
The HB SOFT Milled 4 Putter features a slightly enlarged, modern blade design with a plumber’s neck hosel and simple, low-contrast alignment—best suited for a slight arc stroke.

The entirely new HB SOFT Milled line of Putters provides a premium combination of features and technologies at an irresistible price point. With a new, affordable milling process, they make milled precision attainable to all.

First cast, then CNC milled for precise weighting and crisp lines. We only mill the face and back because that’s what affects performance. It’s smarter milling that reduces waste and delivers that razor-sharp address view at an attainable cost.

You shouldn’t miss short just because of an off-center strike. With SOFT, an intricate network of milled grooves helps normalize energy transfer across the face, so you get consistent speed and distance no matter where you strike your putt.

Whether you’re a mallet player, a feel player, or somewhere in-between, you need an alignment that fits your stroke. That’s why HB SOFT Milled Putters feature a grip, hosel, and alignment scheme designed specifically for a slight arc or straight stroke.

  • HOSEL: Plumber's Neck
  • STROKE TYPE: Slight Arc
  • HEAD WEIGHT: 345g
  • LIE: 3°
  • LOFT: 70°
  • GRIP: GOLF PRIDE PRO ONLY RED STAR. The PRO ONLY Red Star Putter grip features a tour-preferred pistol shape with an arched paddle front for consistent thumb positioning. It’s designed to help your hands turn the Putter over through the stroke to facilitate a naturally arcing stroke path.
  • Extended parameters
    Grip: Pistols
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