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Ping ChipR Steel

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Fully engineered for golfers who may lack confidence with their traditional wedge and frequently struggle with chip shots. The ChipR combines elements of a putter and a wedge to improve performance around the greens and lower scores without fear of chunking or blading shots.

Bump and Run
  • Recommended for shots within 40 yards of the green from the rough or fringe, golfers apply a putting-like stroke to achieve distance control and consistency without fear of chunking or blading shots.

  • Forgiving Design
  • The investment-cast, 431 stainless steel head is perimeter weighted for forgiveness, offers a composite cavity badge, and its hydropearl chrome finish repels water. Available to be custom fit for length, loft and lie (10 color codes).

  • Cambered Sole
  • The cambered sole allows for a smooth transition through the rough and fringe for maximum versatility and consistency. A shallow face height (between putter and wedge), helps ensure reliable contact and performance.

  • MicroMax Grooves
  • Precision-milled MicroMax grooves (tighter spacing, more grooves), increase ball contact to maintain spin for consistent trajectories and control on chips of every length. The compact profile inspires confidence.

  • Z-Z115 Shaft
  • The PING Z-Z115 Wedge shaft is lightweight (111 g) with a lower balance point to allow for more clubhead feel. The 35-inch standard length is customizable.

  • Dyla-wedge Grip
  • The 360 Dyla-wedge Lite grip, which is 3-inch longer than a traditional grip and features a reduced taper, allows golfers to choke down for more versatility and trajectory control.

  • CLUB: ChipR
  • LOFT: 38.5°degrees
  • LENGTH: 35"
  • LIE ANGLE: 70.0°degrees
  • OFFSET: 0.10"
  • EFFECTIVE BOUNCE: 8.0°degrees
  • GRIP: PING 360 Dyla-Wedge Lite
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